My ‘top 10 books about Nigeria’ in the Guardian

This was not an easy list to compile, and inevitably some people have disagreed with my choices. I wanted a mix of fiction and non-fiction, and I had to make some very painful omissions. On the fiction side, perhaps I should have included works by Ben Okri, Cyprian Ekwensi and Helon Habila amongst others.  On the non-fiction side, 'This House Has Fallen' by Karl Maier is a brilliant book that captures so many of Nigeria's problems. I felt, perhaps wrongly, that it may now be slightly out of date, and the time has come for a new overview of the Nigerian situation (or better still, an updated edition of 'This House Has Fallen').  Another non-fiction book I wanted to include was 'Lagos' by the late Kaye Whiteman in the 'Cities of the Imagination' series,  an affectionate and erudite portrait of that most maligned of cities.

I should also have stressed that this 'top 10', with the exception of 'Things Fall Apart' at no.1, is not ranked in any order of significance/importance/worthiness etc

You can read my list here