A lovely review of Another Man's War by Noo Saro-Wiwa, author of Looking for Transwonderland ; Travels in Nigeria for the NSIBIDI Institute. She writes that Another Man's War 'covers the breadth of the human condition, from comradeship, sacrifice, endurance and courage, not to mention the social nuances of empire. It will leave you with a lump in your throat, and a heightened knowledge of Africa’s Second World War experience'.

You can read the entire review here.


Naija Living UK, a fashion, beauty and travel magazine for Black British women, has published a review of Another Man's War. They describe it as 'beautifully written...a poignant tale of an individual caught in the midst of world politics.... It is an attempt to revive our forgotten heroes and the generation that forfeited what they held close, and to recognise these sacrifices'. You can read the whole review here

Naija Living UK also interviewed me about how I came to write the story of Isaac Fadoyebo's life, and my thoughts on the current situation in Nigeria. You can read the interview here .




The blog Africa is A Country, ('A blog about Africa - not famine, Bono or Barack Obama') has won a large international following in recent years. So I was flattered to find 'Another Man's War' at the top of its list of recommended books published in 2014. You can read here what Africa is A Country had to  say about 'Another Man's War', and other books which came out this year.